WACH (Women of African & Caribbean Heritage Development Group) came together as a result of the Black & Minority Ethnic Women’s Networking Day in March 2003 held at the Black Development Agency. This event was an informal get-together to discuss networking and get involved with the Black & Minority woman’s network.

The Black woman’s network was a government funded initiative which has since disbanded, however as a group of African and Caribbean women saw a need for a support group to address our specific needs and interests.
Since that time approximately 14 women have been meeting on a monthly basis to develop the group into which aims to be a forum which provides support for African and Caribbean women.
And look at issues relevant to our development, and to put Bristol & the South West on the map for African and Caribbean women. During this time we have discussed the way forward in identifying our needs and to promote the organisation and its aims in order to make it as relevant as possible to our target group.